Teaser trailer for Spectre released, confirms film follows on from Skyfall and sets the scene for more drama

A teaser trailer for the latest James Bond film, Spectre, has been released and we can see it follows on from Skyfall with the opening shot of a damaged MI6 building at Vauxhall Cross on the Thames.

Although 96 seconds long, the trailer also confirms that Spectre follows on from Skyfall, with Moneypenny handing Bond (Daniel Craig) the remains of personal effects recovered from the destruction of Bond’s family home at the conclusion of the last film.

One document shows a certificate of temporary guardianship in the name of Bond’s paternal aunt, Charmain Bond, who raised Bond from after he was orphaned until he entered Eton. It’s a nice touch for followers of Ian Fleming’s novels.

And a partially destroyed photograph shows a young Bond with an adult male, and another person whose face has been obliterated by fire.

Mr White (Jesper Christensen), a villainous character from Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, is tracked down by Bond at a remote wintry location.

Bond reveals that he is aware of SPECTRE as an organisation by showing White a ring bearing the emblem of the terrorist organisation.

He’s informed by a ruffled looking White that he is: “a kite dancing in a hurricane.” implying that he’s involved something much bigger than himself.

We also see Lucia Sciarra (Monica Bellucci) at a funeral, reportedly the widow of an assassin killed by Bond, and also a sight of Bond’s latest Aston Martin DB10.

The trailer ends with a meeting chaired by a man whose identity is obscured by shadows but sitting in a pose (one hand on the table) reminiscent of Bond’s arch enemy from the earlier Bond films – Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

It’s known that Bond had a strong early relationship from his teenage years until his early twenties with one Hannes Oberhauser which ended when Oberhauser disappeared mysteriously. And Christoph Waltz is playing a character called Franz Oberhauser.

Waltz has done little to dampen speculation that he’s in fact going to be playing Blofeld after James Bond producers confirmed last year that a deal had been struck to purchase the rights to Blofeld and the organisation SPECTRE in November last year.

We hear Waltz’s voice at the end of the trailer in a classic ominous style:

“Welcome James, it’s been a long time. And finally, here we are…”

It’s a surprisingly effective teaser trailer, with no action scenes at all but a sense of foreboding at things to come.

Filming has been taking place at Pinewood Studios, and on location in Italy, Morocco, Mexico and Austria and the film is due for release in cinemas in November this year.