Nov 14

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Keeping In Touch By Telephone

Of all our pleasures, the one we most treasure
Is a call from old friends; it really makes our day
How sad it is then when the final click is heard
We remember the multitude of things we’d meant to say

Within our hearts and minds true friendship never fades
‘Tis held in mental store ere our next fond meeting
For seldom does a day go by but that we think of our dear friends
And in our hearts we feel the muffled beat which echoes the mutual greeting

The cheerful kindness which they offer without pause
Has a value that does not reduce as the years go by
The light shines through the drab of cloudy days
And so succeeds in turning dullness into open sky

So in my quiet reflective moments, sitting at my ease
I muse upon the countless gems crammed in my mental store
People, places, happy days; all such come to mind
And thank goodness there yet remains space for many more.

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