Game Night is an amusing lighthearted comedy with a twist

Game Night (2018) – Film Review

Game Night Film Poster

Game Night Film Poster

Game Night looks every bit a superficial cheesy action comedy involving three couples who meet on a regular basis to socialise during what they call ‘Game Night’ where various board and parlour games are played.

All three couples are competitive but perhaps not quite as committed as Max and Annie, who are played by played by Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams.

They have to go to some lengths to avoid one of their neighbours – a slightly creepy divorced cop Gary (Jesse Plemons) who used to join them in their Game Night but was only tolerated by them while he was married to one of their friends.

Things change when Brooks (Kyle Chandler), Max’s successful brother, turns up with the offer of an upgraded realistic game with a prize of a coveted classic sports car for the winner.

What happens next is a kidnapping with guns, running around town in the dead of night, while making plans up on the fly with the stakes rising with a solid veer towards farce in parts.

There’s a dollop of Michael Douglas’ The Game (1997) in this and though there’s not much originality going on the cast attack the breezy running time with gusto, giving it everything they have to make for an enjoyable film with plenty of humour and a couple of great set pieces.

McAdams in particular shows off comedy chops while Billy Magnussen raises more than his fair share of laughs as Ryan, a decidedly shallow bloke with more than a touch of Joey Tribbiani about him, and plays off well with his much smarter partner Sarah (Sharon Horgan).

Game Night tips a little much far down the lighter comedy path with a couple of twists, but keeps the chuckles coming enough to keep the entertainment factor high. Don’t take this film too seriously and you’ll enjoy it all the better.

Game Night (15; strong language, sex references, injury detail; 100 minutes)

Director(s):  Jonathan Goldstein, John Francis Daley

Cast Includes: Rachel McAdams, Jesse Plemons, Jason Bateman, Billy Magnussen, Kyle Chandler, Sharon Horgan

Summary: GAME NIGHT is a US comedy drama in which a group of friends must learn to work together when the game they’re playing takes a sinister turn.

Rating: **** (An amusing lighthearted comedy with a twist)