Everything is still awesome for The Lego Movie 2

The Lego Movie 2 (2019) – Film Review

Lego Movie 2 is a highly awaited sequel that addresses the end of the original film with an invasion of DUPLO bricks hitting Bricksburg but takes place a number of years later.

Lego Movie 2 Film Poster 2019
Lego Movie 2 Film Poster 2019

Repeated attacks by colourful (and cute) rival bricks have eventually turned Bricksburg into a sci-fi wasteland after a war between the two sets of bricks.

A lot has changed as the outlook becomes one of a grim future with most of the Justice League going missing following an attempt to stop the invasions.

Some heroes remain, though, including the likes of Batman (Will Arnett) – who was away on his own adventure when the Justice League disappeared.

Emmet (Chris Pratt) remains the hero with a big heart while his love interest Lucy aka Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks) remains the talented brooding one.

It’s the real world which holds the key to what has happened in the last few years as the boy who has been playing with the Lego appears to have to begrudgingly share his leg playtime increasingly with his younger sister.

Lego Movie 2 - Lucy aka Wyldstyle with Emmet
Lego Movie 2 – Lucy aka Wyldstyle with Emmet

Emmet’s world is upset when Lucy tries to change his permanently sunny and simple lifestyle to suit the new apocalyptic outlook but before he can take that in she, along with Batman, Metal Beard the pirate, Unikitty and Spaceman are kidnapped by the sinister General Mayhem and taken away to the ’Sistar’ system.

Emmett takes off in hot pursuit while his friends are overloaded by a pre-teen sparkly galaxy created by the female sibling of the creator of the original Bricksburg.

There’s a couple of good, extremely catchy, songs and the plot rattles along at pace with the jokes coming thick and fast with the added benefit of some thrown in for the grown ups too thanks to some genuine voice cameos which made the adults in the audience of my screening whoop.

The plot might be a bit stretchy for some of the grown ups in the audience, especially ones not familiar with science fiction tropes, but anyone paying proper attention will be able to follow it and the overriding theme of people getting along and sharing playtime is a universal one.

The Lego Movie 2 (U; very mild fantasy violence, language; 107 minutes)

Director(s): Trisha Gum, Mike Mitchell

Cast Includes: Chris Pratt (voice), Elizabeth Banks (voice), Alison Brie (voice), Tiffany Haddish (voice), Stephanie Beatriz (voice), Nick Offerman (voice)

Summary: THE LEGO MOVIE 2 is an animated comedy adventure sequel in which a group of toys try to rescue their missing friends.

Rating: ***** (Everything is still awesome for The Lego Movie 2)

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