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Walking the Tightrope: Lotto

Sally Codman dreams of huge Lotto wins.

'Do ya feel lucky? - well do ya Punk?' drawls Clint Eastwood in his famous film Dirty Harry. It's the sort of question many of us ask ourselves each week. For the Punk in the film, it's a life or death question. For the rest of us, it's merely the way we decide how many Lotto tickets to buy.

A Kirklees couple's National Lottery win means the Codman family is splashing out on Lucky Dip tickets once again. Reason whispers that the odds are stacked hopelessly against us but hope springs eternal.

Watching Huddersfield couple Andrew and Janet Toulcher celebrating their 4.5m win on T.V. and reading about their dreams of visiting Elvis's home, Graceland, alongside their more predictable plans to buy a new house and car, set us all dreaming once again.

The Toulcher's luck sparked off another round of that ever-popular game I bet you've all played at sometime or other - If I won the Lotto I'd buy ..... In the Codman household it usually starts something like this, with me saying 'If I won the Lotto I'd buy - a house with a swimming pool'- followed by various other members of the Codman clan adding - 'a house with a pool table/helicopter pad/footie pitch/stables /kennels etc'. Then we move on to the holiday homes in the sun, the bungalows for Nana and Grandma, new cars /clothes /holidays and so on.

The 'If I won' game used to be a favourite in many households when the Lottery first began. Way back then when the Codman kids were a lot younger they became much too obsessed with it. When they started watching the draw ever Saturday and were almost in tears when their numbers didn't come up, I stopped buying tickets.

Today myself or Mr C tend to buy Lucky Dips when the mood takes us (or when the rollover money reaches vast amounts) I've also been persuaded to chip in for a weekly ticket at work but refuse to learn our regular numbers. It just goes to show how much I trust our Lottery organiser! Incidentally, one of the more unusual items on one of my colleagues 'I'd buy wish list' is a recording studio in the Caribbean!

Years ago I was lucky enough to accompany Mr C on a trip to the famous Gleneagles Hotel. I vowed I'd start planning any windfall from the pools or Lottery with a holiday up there to take stock and plan a future spending campaign. That film 'Spend, Spend, Spend' about Wakefield pools winner Viv Nicholson blowing a fortune left a lasting impression. If I ever get lucky I'm determined not to 'spend, spend, spend' like Viv and end up broke a few years later.

Don't worry - I wouldn't stash it all in my piggy bank and carry on as before either - but I'd like to put it on record that I wouldn't spend any lucky windfalls that may come my way like the five women featured in a tabloid article recently. They collectively spend 56,000 a year on having their hair done.

I shan't be investing in any modern 'art' in the form of anyone's messy bed or automatic light switch installation. Neither will I be bailing out our national 'heritage' art collection by donating the odd 20m to prevent another 'old master' disappearing overseas into some multi-billionaire's bank vault.

I hope that if I ever do win a fortune I'll follow the example of Lottery winners Ray and Barbara Wragg from Sheffield. They won 7.6m and have given 5.5m of it away to local hospitals and their favourite charities as well as their family and friends.

They admit their big extravagance has been lots of holidays. Given that they'd spent the last 28 years taking self-catering hols in Torquay and that Ray only got his first passport aged 62, I don't think that's a treat many people will grudge them.

They still buy Lottery tickets ever week, in the hope of winning more money to give away. I wish them luck. After reading about other Lottery winners whose lives have changed for the worse after their wins, with marriages falling apart, families falling out and friendships destroyed by jealousy, it's wonderful to be reminded that it doesn't have to be like that.

Now all I have to do is remember to buy a ticket every week!


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