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Poetry Pleases: Lucy, Who's Your Neighbour?

In a time when there has never been greater need of international good-neighbourly actions, Arthur Gilliland's poem remind us of the Lucky Lucys who think only of themelves.

Lucky Lucy never needed a neighbour
Lucky Lucy has never been hurt
She inhabits her own sad little island
And thinks all she meets there are dirt.

Lucky Lucy never needed a samaritan
She never has once had to phone
`Rotten lives are for others, not Lucy', she thinks,
`I've enough looking after my own.'

Lucky Lucy never needed a neighbour;
Not a starving, sad African child
Breathing her last in the desert,
Her mother still hopeful and mild.

Lucky Lucy never needed a neighbour;
Not a homeless, thin, tired refugee,
Living rough in the slum in a city,
`I've enough looking just after me.'


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