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Poetry Pleases: Steps

Strut not in pride, says Philip Sibley's thoughtful poem. If honour's justly earned, it will a bearing give.

Stride not, nor stamp,
Create no turmoil in thy wake,
Thine is not the right
To disturb the still of age.
Tread quietly, slowly,
Hasten not to change.
Heed those who early
Trod this path before.

March not with angry purpose,
Bear no burden of ill will,
Recall the many times
When thou, too, earned rebuke.
Wend thy random ways
Unbound by custom.
Other fertile fields await
The ever questing mind.

Walk not secretly,
But measure every length.
Take time to scent the air,
Savour the intake of peace.
Move slowly, wareful,
Hear the music of the earth,
Yet seeing further than the eye,
Sense the stir of new creation.

Strut not in pride.
If honour’s justly earned
It will a bearing give
To lift thy image high.
Pace a gentle progress
In keeping with thy heart.
It beats the time for thee
In all they earthly plans.


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