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Poetry Pleases: Agnus Dei

"...And in that place peace wrapped me, softly, sustaining me in my eager turbulance, and carried me onward to a path of certainty.'' In this, the most important week in the Christian calendar, Arthur Gilliland brings a poem of good hope.

I do not remember a single blink that electrified my thoughts.
I was not sleeping but, suddenly, blissfully, quietly,
I was in a place I knew so well. I had been there another time;
A time of passion, a time of thankful tears and peace.
And in that place peace wrapped me, softly,
Sustaining me in my eager turbulence, and carried me onward
To a path of certainty.
That remembered time had been my justification and my way.

In that place once more, I was not solitary praying.
Wrapped, now, in the blinding whiteness of the old stone
With me, Our Lord, garmented in holy white, was seated too.
A choir, powerfully, earthly sounding,
Sang of The Cross and of Him who died.
The song brought friends; friends who, as I, had sullied promises
Made long ago and who, as I, had grieved their ways of sin.
We stood in awe, white-clad too now,
Compassionate, The Christ, hands of a friend over-reaching
This troubled band of folk, gave freely of His Grace
And proclaimed, that they, repentant as they prayed,
Were now redeemed and cleansed and freed.
The music beckoned us from the room
Into even more glorious shining whiteness, a marvel to behold.
And then I slept and woke to feel a wholesome peace,
A newness to my life.


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