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Poetry Pleases: Bank Holiday

Mike Eastwood's nostalgic poem recalls the Bank Holiday when he "grew from a boy to a man''.

Why does it rain on Bank Holiday?
Is it penance for being so bad?
Sometimes it snows or is blowing a gale,
Or it seemed so when I was a lad.

Wed start on the Sunday School outing
With sandwiches packed in a box,
But by lunchtime were soaking and sodden,
Sometimes right down to our socks.

But the best part was sheltering in woodland,
Hiding in pairs from the rain
When wed try for a kiss and a cuddle,
But most of the times twas in vain.

I remember that Whitsuntide outing
When it rained according to plan.
We left all the others at lunchtime,
And I grew from a boy to a man.

I was glad that it rained that Bank Holiday.
Ill remember it all of my life.
Its a tale I dont tell to most people,
Particularly not to my wife.


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