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Poetry Pleases: Barney And Sam

Joyce Worsfold brings us a delightful poem about a couple of donkeys. No asses, they!

Barney and Sam
Capricious creatures
Enormous heads and innocent features
Escalating ears that hold no tune
Ludicrous cries which very soon
Will tear the peace with blatant clamour
Long wailing howl, staccato hammer
Barney and Sam.

Staunch allies, canny collaborators
Errant detectives, skilled investigators
Who seize the opportune open gate
And never ever stop to wait
Race a derby down the lane
And me calling and calling over again
Barney and Sam.

Morning birdsong,cockrel cry
Crooked backed beasts would like to fly
Erupt from stable at a run
Resplendent in the morning sun
Eager for freedom and flying air
Childlike donkeys exuberant pair
Sam nudges me with playful nose
Then kicks back his legs and goes
Down on the ground and round he rolls
Dizzy delight in dusty holes
Legs clumsily pedalling air
I lean on gate and stand and stare
I cannot let the moment pass
Yet some say the donkey is…. an ass


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