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Poetry Pleases: Endangered Species

Marjorie Upson's poem features that endagered species - the road-sweeping man.

He used to roam our village streets,
His purpose - to keep them clean and neat,
Devouring bottles, bags and cans,
The now-forgotten Road-Sweeping Man.

Occasionally a noisy roar
Heralds the mechanical brush
Trundling up and down the gutter round parked cars,
Leaving litter in its splutter.

Long-handled tweezers duly pick
Tab-ends up between the nicks.
No long brush to sweep so neat
But pincer-armed he plods the street.

Today I saw the endangered species,
Long-handled broom, mobile bin,
Foraging for a lunchtime treat.

Alas - he did not get his fill.
He never came down my street!


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