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Poetry Pleases: Love

Love awakens, blossoms, grows, matures, changes, mellows, remains, endures... Love is all there is, declares Radmila Dancer's triumphant poem.

Love is all there is
All that endures
All that remains
Love is all there is

Love awakens, love blossoms
Love grows, love matures
Love changes, love mellows
Love remains, love endures

Love inspires, love reforms
Love enhances, love adorns
Love pleases, love teases
Love beguiles, love crowns

Love forgives, love heals
Love gives, love protects
Love takes, love returns
Love believes, love is all

Love angers, love implores
Love beautifies, love adores
Love grieves, love mourns
Love cajoles, love reveals

Love is timeless
Love is all there is
Love is ageless
Love is all there is


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