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About A Week: The Name's The Same

Peter Hinchliffe Number Two chats to Peter Hinchliffe Number One.

The other day I typed my name into the hugely improved MSN UK search engine.

Curiosity? Yes. Interesting to know how many more Peter Hinchliffes there are out there. But something else, besides curiosity. Reassurance, maybe. If MSN, or its big brother Google, list your name that is somehow confirmation that you really do exist.

MSN presented 24,687 listings for Peter Hinchliffe. And there was I, at number two.

And listed at number one in MSN - Peter Hinchliffe the photographer.

Peter Number One’s listing guides you into the Oriel Glan y Mor Gallery in Pembrokeshire. And there are some of his photographs. Pictures of plants: cuckoo pint, mullein, rosehip, lily


I tracked down Peter’s phone number and gave him a call.

“Peter Hinchliffe.’’ “Yes.’’ “This is Peter Hinchliffe calling…’’

Brief silence. Is this some kind of joke? I guess that’s what he was thinking.

Then amiable conversation.

Peter studied photography at Chesterfield College of Art. He has worked in photography all his life. He has specialised in wildlife and landscape, and his pictures have been sold world-wide.

For a time he worked for the Ministry of Defence, but for the most part he has been a freelance photographer and lecturer. He lectured at Buckinghamshire College of Higher Education and was a senior lecturer at Buckingham-Chiltern University College.

He now lives in a Pembrokeshire village.

Peter’s camera eye focuses on plants, foxes, badgers, birds, glow worms… High-speed photography is far ahead of the human eye in capturing and fixing nature in fine detail.

And yes, Peter Number One has Yorkshire roots. The name Hinchliffe originated in Yorkshire. My neighbour, professional historian Dr George Redmonds, has done pioneer work on the origins and history of British surnames. He has published a number of books on the subject.

George (as I write this column I look out, across a field, to the stone cottage where he lives) found the first written record of Hinchliffe in the early 1300s in the Holme Valley near Huddersfield, some ten miles from where I now live.

And the family of Peter Number One lived in Stocksbridge, a 30-minute drive from my home.

Do click into the Oriel Glan Y Mor Gallery and take a look at Peter’s photographs. And after you have seen them you will, inevitably, be tempted to view the work of the other artists on display. Royston Hopson’s atmospheric landscapes, Dorian Spencer Davies’s appealing paintings of Fishguard and other places, Evan Jon’s portraits of Pembrokeshire characters, and more… Much more.

I don’t spend too much time Net surfing. However I could very easily become addicted to Net art displays.

Nice to chat to Peter Hinchliffe Number One - and reassuring to know that there is one Hinchliffe who can handle a camera. The holiday snaps that I take are so dreary that even members of my family can’t bear to look at them.


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