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Poetry Pleases: A Laughing World

"Can you imagine a laughing world all day?'' Vineet Singal asks in this cheerful poem. Vineet is from New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Can you imagine a laughing world all day
From dusk to dawn, so happy and gay
Where the butterflies fly like flakes of sun
Where everyone gets equal, one by one
Where there is no room for jealousy
As it is a world of mere fantasy
Where people don't unnecessarily criticize
Where every deserver gets a prize
Which is a land full of opportunities
Along with happiness that stretches infinity
Where you will always find
That everyone is so cheerful, so kind
They mind their own business, caring for others' as well
Seeing that will surely make your heart swell
Where everyone says, "I'll be there"
And justice is so kind and fair
In that place, I wish to live my life
And I am right you know, give me a high five


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