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Poetry Pleases: Anno Domini

...I used to be thin, but now the sizes seem to grow, and all my bumps begin to show... Marjorie Upson writes a positive poem about the ageing process.

This morning, feeling rather smart
In flowery skirt and matching top,
I chanced upon a care worker
Who spoke to me.
“I just live there,
If e’er you need to ask for help.”

Well - look at me; my hair is grey,
Yet so was hers, perhaps with help
And not like mine, naturally
Grey that way.

When did this feeling first begin?
I don’t know; I used to be thin!
But now the sizes seem to grow,
And all my bumps begin to show.

My feet, they itch and start to swell;
The joints all ache and twinge as well.
My singing voice folk did applaud
Now often produces a harmonic chord.

The bus driver never seems to ask,
“Please may I see your bus pass?”
Perhaps it’s better not to be seen,
For the picture there shows my hair green!

I fill my days with things to do,
Artistic, creative, helpful too.
I try to sing, to draw and paint -
But Constable is what I ain’t.

Am I old? May be in part.
But inside I‘m very


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