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Poetry Pleases: Harbourings

Ron Kaye, who lives in South Island, New Zealand, brings us a poem steeped in memories and longings for a homeland.

This harboured home, that time nor heart
Nor distanced way can dim nor part,
Nor memory of loveliness forget,
Your comeliness in pleasing form
Sublimity and splendidness, and warm
Enfolding outreached arms that saves
Us from forgetfulness across the waves,
A welcome hearth of English coals,
A home that heaven gave
To harbour English souls.

Our fond remembrances entreat
And feed our recollections, sweet
And nestled haven, soft as womb,
Umbilical, from shore to lapping shore
In English heartland lies secure,
A mother's plaintive homeward call
Across vast reaches echoes, sounds to all
With heartbeat for an English berth,
Calls earthworn souls that fall
Heartsick for English earth.


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