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Poetry Pleases: Late Easter 2003

Cecil Parry's poem looks back to the Easter of two years ago - a time of war.

Oh what delight when Easterís late
For Aprilís such a treasure.
And if, with luck, the weatherís great
It guarantees our pleasure.

With winter gone and spring well here
And summer more than hinted,
An Easter coming late in year
Means happiness unstinted.

And yet our joy is put to shame
By world events of late.
The Paschal candle hides its flame,
And other creeds preach hate.

The lands where Easterís theme was born
Are troubled yet with war,
By terror and dissension torn,
A running racial sore.

When will mankind its efforts bend
To heal these wounds of strive?
Let tolerance and love defend
Our right to peaceful life.


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