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Poetry Pleases: Planet Earth

"Must we add to all the fears of natures ways?'' asks John Arie Rook of Lower Hutt, New Zealand, in this poem which brings a sombre warning.

How peaceful this planet looks from up above,
with blues and greens and clouds of white.
But as you near and pass through those
clouds, the picture is not a welcome site.
Not only disasters caused by nature are
creating grief,
but people fighting, hating and killing
beyond belief.
What makes this beast so cruel and bad to
the point where life becomes one hell,
It's brewing up to the point of no return
with greater help needed than the wishing
The frightening rumbles of this planet's
crust are bad enough for us to take,
Must we add to all the fears of nature's ways
just so one-day mankind will not wake?

Copyright 2002 John Arie Rook


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