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Poetry Pleases: Staying With Grandma

Mike Eastwood writes a poem about one of childhood's greatest delights - staying with gran.

When I go to Grandmaís
To stay there on my own,
I eat a lot of lovely things
I never get at home.

I like her Yorkshire pudding
With gravy nice and thick.
I eat up all her biscuits
Until Iím nearly sick.

At tea time we have fancy cake
With icing on the top.
I really like the fruity ones
Which she gets from the shop.

When I go home to Mum again,
Itís back to fruit and stuff.
I eat it cos she tells me to
But I never get enough.

* * *

Iím off to the park with my Gran again.
She takes me every day.
She says she likes to walk around
And watch me as | play.

She says she watches carefully
And never goes on things,
But I turned round the other day
And caught her on the swings.

Then we go off home again
But not before weíve been
To see the man in the yellow van
And buy a nice ice cream.


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