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Poetry Pleases: The Hunt

Matthew Sutton of Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand, writes a poem about the harsh inevitability of life and death on the plains of Africa.

The Cheetah sniffs the air and catches the scent,
He crouches down, his knees bent.
He follows his nose and begins to stalk,
With the mind of a fox and the eyes of a hawk.

As he gets closer the Impala gets scared,
They smell danger as far as they care.
They call out in fear and break out in a run,
The Cheetah gives chase under the hot afternoon sun.

A youngster gets isolated and the Cheetah is after it in a flash,
The Impala scrapes a tree tearing open a gash.
The Cheetah comes after, picking up speed,
The Impala's gash continues to bleed.

The Cheetah picks up speed, faster than before,
He hits the Impala's leg and it goes tumbling, it can't take much more.
He manages to get up and carry on,
It can't take this for very long.

The Cheetah trips him up once more,
He tumbles and hits the savannah floor.
Grabbing its neck, the Cheetah wastes no time,
As they slide through the mud and grime.

The Impala struggles, but cannot break free,
Some things are just meant to be.


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