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Poetry Pleases: What I Like

Fourteen-year-old Matthew Sutton, who now lives in New Zealand, writes a poem about Africa, the place from whence he came.

What I like I can explain just like that,
It is not a cute dog or a little Kitty cat.
What I like is buried deep in my soul,
In my life it has played an important role.
Most people I know will never see,
How beautiful this thing can be.
This thing or place I love the most,
I have been there this I can boast.
This place has a name,
It is the place from whence I came.
It is Africa, so beautiful so bold,
To leave there made my heart go cold.
Now I have some things to share,
About this place, Africa so dear.

You awake in the morning to the Fish Eagles call,
You see him out the window so proud so tall.
Looking further about a mile,
What I see makes me smile.
A lion pride boasting their skill,
Swarming around a fresh wildebeest kill.
The hyenas come closer looking for a bite,
They come too close and breakout in a fight.
What I am about to tell I cannot explain in ink,
It is a blend of orange, red and pink.
The sunset in Africa is such a sight,
It is magnificent Africa in all its might.
It is such a pity I had to leave,
As Africa is a great place, I believe.


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