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Poetry Pleases: Death Nonetheless

When one of his friends committed suicide Sudharsan was moved to write this heart-wrenching unforgettable poem. It is a compassionate and fitting memorial to a troubled human being.

Blood drained, skin dried, spirit broken,
He tries to soar to a land unknown,
Where joy beckons him, and the cruel hands of fate
unable to touch him,
For most of us he shall fade as our memories fade and
for some of us he has taken away a part of us to the
land of unknown beginnings,
The incessant chatter of why he did this
shall for now fill our space and time,
But was it all worth a life, a life that was born out
of hope and died out of despair,
Is he to blame, or are we to confess,
Churlish in our talks, Judgmental in our ways,
Never once pausing to see the fractured spirit behind
the tired body,
Never once pausing to care and inquire,
to listen and empathize.
He shall continue on his journey to find peace and
solace, and we in ours.
Blood drained, skin dried, wing broken,
He shall soar far and higher than we can gaze, without
wings shall he fly.
A new life shall he begin, unburdened by our thoughts
and worries.


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