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Poetry Pleases: New Growth

We must learn from nature if we are to build a world filled with hope, says Mike Eastwood's poem.

The golden trumpets of the daffodils sing loud
Against the clear blue skies without a cloud
The soft green shoots blessed gently by the April rain
And gambolling lambs announce itís Spring again

Nature begins once more a grand and glorious birth
Developing colour from the dark brown earth
The fresh white blossoms on both hedge and tree
Combine with new birth in hues of harmony

As each day grows in wondrous glory lying
Itís time to do away with war and dying
And build as nature does each and every year
A world thatís filled with hope and without fear

Learn from creation. Itís not much to ask
Learn from the birds, the trees and the grass
We must learn from nature and learn it well
Or all weíll create is a living Hell


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