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Poetry Pleases: To Forgive Or Not

Irene Attwood writes a poem about what is perhaps the most difficult of all decisions - to forgive.

My heart shudders within its grip
Fighting for its right.
Vengeance is its just reward.
The gall of bitterness a bone justly pointed.
Yet like a ship ahoy upon the storm hit horizon ablaze
Forgiveness slips in amazed at its arrival,
Rocking upon the sea of murky denial.
For impassioned in pursuit,
Embalmed by pain’s humiliating grisly death,
Rises up from earth’s very core
to swallow up equity’s trickery.
Love that surpasses all that’s been seen or done before within,
In flesh in divinity torn asunder,
Battered, bruised, bleeding
Where all anger, hurt and pride were hid.
In one cry that released hate’s ugly mind,
“Father, forgive them for they know not what they did.”
And so my embattled heart relents, the injured fool.
To seek to forgive that which I could but not


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