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Poetry Pleases: Wallal

"Miles and miles of beach and ocean disappearing into nothing...'' You can hear the roll and thunder of the ocean in this poem by Lorraine Dodd.

Like being on another planet,
space, uninterrupted,
as far as the eye can see,
looking north and again to the south,
no ending. Just distance.
Miles and miles of beach and ocean
disappearing into nothing.

Turquoise green ocean and
pristine beach sand,
a scattering of people,
the bluest blue sky doming all
and on the horizon, pure white:
the intense blue having passed
through the spectrum.

The great expanse of ocean
keeps rolling with familiar rhythm,
the depth steadily increasing
as people stand fishing
hoping to snare a big one.
The essential seagulls wheeling,
gliding; cah-cahhing raucously.

And on the beach,
spoils of the sea not seen elsewhere.
Sponges, bright orange; coral, still pink,
and seashells in abundance,
the common ones more intricately patterned,
tiny, or deliriously large,
begging to be gathered, admired.

A motorbike revs,
the noise intrusive, breaking the spell.
It roars away at great speed
on a geometry-straight line,
the sound decreasing; perfect diminuendo.
I watch until it is a black dot,
hazy, then nothing.


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