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Poetry Pleases: Watching

"We watched each other getting old, contented side by side...'' Gill Laurence writes a poem about the truest of true loves.

I sit here in my rocking chair
Watching the clouds float by
And wonder - Are you watching me
Somewhere above the sky?

We met when I was seventeen
And you were twenty-four.
Too old, they cried. Hes much too old!
Dont see him anymore.

We watched until the time had come
To show them they were wrong.
We married, and to their surprise,
They watched our love grow strong.

We watched our lovely children grow
And fill us with such pride.
We watched each other getting old,
Contetnded side by side.

Our world was changing as we watched
Throughout those tranquil years.
Then knowing you were dying, Dear,
I watched you through my tears.

And now I watch the hours, the days.
It cannot be too long
Till were united once again.
Will our love still be strong?


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