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Tasmanian Words: Agonising About Acronyms - PC Or Not PC

A couple of letters can convey a variety of meanings, as Bob's witty poem reveals.

Acronyms are bad enough
When the meaning is quite clear.
Faced with a triple choice it's tough
To make sense of what we hear.

Take the common term PC
'Allo 'allo I say
To a simple soul like me
It means Old Bill is on the way!

But the Californian Sisterhood
Gave a new twist to the word;
A word containing "man" they would
Insist should not be heard.

Then, of course, the other one,
As produced by IBM.
For use at work. At home, for fun,
The world is full of them!

This all confuses me I own!
It is far too much for me!
I need some tea, a good lie down,
And that well-known APC!


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