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Poetry Pleases: Embankment

Gill Laurence's poem takes as its inspiration the song The Streets Of Laredo. Gill's tuneful poem is far cheerier than the dirge upon which it is based.

As I was a-walking along the Embankment
When Id been shopping in Bedford one day,
I spied a tall man looking down at my Polo.
He stood with his ticket by my parking bay.

I could tell by his clothing that he was a Warden.
These words he called out as I hurried close by,
Your time has expired and Im going to book you.
I know its not nice, but I hope you wont cry.

I stamped on the pavement and kicked my poor Polo.
I ranted and raved as his pen moved along.
We all hate Traffic Wardens, so spiteful and greedy,
But I do need my car and I knew Id done wrong.

He said, Give me some money to send to the Council
And do please remember the meter to feed.
Next time youre out shopping just dont be so careless
For a Warden can pounce with astonishing speed.


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