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U3A Writing: Distraction Or Abstraction

Derek McQueen tells of a daring plan hatched by the neglected wife of a Scottish artist to gain her husband's attention. Derek is himself a talented artist. To see some of his picture click on www.derekmcqueen.com

The evening was warm and still, reddened sunlight caressing the skin at the end of a beautiful July day. Birds were making their closing speeches from the treetops and delicious country smells filled the freshening air.

James Robertson was captivated by the light in the sky, a sublime combination of evening pinks and oranges with morning yellows and blues. It was the perfect subject for a painting of this idealised scene before him. It would be abstract, he decided and he would call the piece ‘Summer Light’.

To reach his favourite painting spot, James had to pass through a leafy copse near his home in Fife. He loved his ‘enchanted’ wood and had painted the sparkling green beeches many times over the years. James Robertson was passionate about his art and it showed. He was becoming very successful indeed with the important Scottish galleries.

Unknown to him however, his beautiful young wife Eileen was growing weary of his neglect. Despite her stunning looks and constant attention to James’ needs, she felt increasingly like a painter’s widow.

A careful and daring plan was hatched. It had to be a shock to her beloveds system and test his loyalty to an adoring wife who deserved better. Over the last few days the plan was perfected. All that was needed now was a warm evening. Tonight was perfect.

Eileen quietly made her way to the copse and undressed beneath a well-chosen tree near the path. She had rehearsed this in her mind many times. As he approached, she draped her beautiful nude body across the lowest bough in the most provocative pose of her young life.

“If this didn’t stop him bloody painting, nothing would.”

Shh! I hear the crackling of shoes in the dry grass. Someone is coming.


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