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Western Oz Words: Hip Replacement Hop

Margaret Dunn writes a splendidly defiant poem about receiving a replacement hip. She recommends that it should be recited to a hip-hop rhythm, with gyrating hips and flamboyant arm gestures.

I used to be so lively, so full of dash and vim
Running, dancing, cycling - I was always in the swim
But the years began to slow me down, my limbs just
weren't willing
Was life to be a game of bowls - the very thought was

The aches and pains grew stronger as my energy
The doctor said "Just take these pills and leave the
past behind.
Enjoy a game of dominos or watch the television."
I couldn't face this new disgrace and made a big

The specialist had told me things that filled me with
With all their new technology I could have a hip
OK, there was a waiting list but I would win the
By doing Yoga exercises, morning, noon and night.

And then at last the summons came which filled me with
I went into the hospital for a hippy transformation
The surgeon came and told me 'This procedure's life
I smiled and said 'I'd like a hip that's good for
hip-hop dancing.''

Recovery did take some time, much pain and tribulation
But the physios worked miracles with fine manipulation
Now dancing partners love me for the skills I have
Can't quite perform the hip-hop but my tango's much


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