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Poetry Pleases: Island Of Dreams

Ted Morris writes of that island of dreams for which we long.

My ship is standing out there in the bay,
My journey to dreamland is not far away.
I'll look aloft as she takes the wind,
All is well now my ship is trimmed.
The stormy sea's of life we pass through each day,
are left astern as we clear the bay.
She cuts through clear waters. dolphins cross her bows,
they guide us to dreamland and keep us safe and sound.
I stand well forard, look over the side
At my island of dreams yes, I'll soon be alongside.
The bows come to rest on the pure white sands
Palm trees bend their branches as if to shake my hand.
Along the beach my fisherman friends
Are singing sea shanties as their nets they do mend.
I walk my island, taste of their wares
apples and oranges, cherries and pears.
Peace and goodwill abound all around,
my searching is over my island I've found.
But reality calls, my dreams fade away,
I'm back in my bed, not out in the bay.
I close my eyes tightly my dream ship to see,
but sadly there's no one, no one but me.
I rise from my bed to begin a new day,
my island of dreams is again far away.


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