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Poetry Pleases: The Head Teacher Retires

Retired teacher Brian Jenkinson has a timely message for a retiring head teacher.

When the early cock is crowing
And alarms in bedrooms ring,
Now’s your chance for turning over;
Time’s no longer on the wing.

Not for you the hurried breakfast
Then the drive through snow or rain;
No more will the childish voices
Wish “Good morning” once again.

No more working out timetables,
Choosing which new books to buy,
How to spend your capitation,
How much money to put by.

No more missives from the office
In reply to your request,
Turning down your latest planning,
All your daydreams going west.

No more supervising children
Eating sausage by the mile,
Spooning in sufficient custard
To fill up the River Nile.

No more fastening of laces,
No more bandaging of knees,
No more giving hugs of comfort
After stings by wasps and bees.

No more lesson preparation,
No more drawing visual aids,
No more being a bit off-colour
When the sound of children jades.

These will now be only mem’ries
As you take a well-earned rest,
Sitting out in your bikini.
(When it’s cooler, wear a vest).

So accept this grateful “Thank-you”,
Thanks you’ve earned but never sought,
On behalf of all the children
In the schools where you have taught.


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