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Poetry Pleases: The Silent Sentinel

...Still he stands, head bowed, silently remembering those who are no more... Marjorie Upson was moved to write these verses after seeing a stone figure on a cenotaph.

On visiting the cenotaph in the park in Elland, West Yorkshire

Head bowed, he stands
Guarding all that lies below.
The river bends
And weaves its way through meadows,
Linking town to distant town.
A triple shelf of roads
Hewn from the rock of many generations,
Bearing folk to work and play.
Never flinching,
Still he stands.

His visitors may sit and share his view.
Young lovers kiss, children play.
Mothers push their offspring in four-wheeled chariots.
Dogs bark.

Daffodils surround his feet,
Then roses of un-numbered hue,
And poppies.

Still he stands, head bowed,
Silently remembering those who are no more,
Who died that we may enjoy
His silent view.


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