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Poetry Pleases: You

What a lucky person is the "you'' in Jean Cowgill's delicious poem.


are a Christmas cake whose ingredients provide thoughtful food
are a small chair with an attractive design though slightly faded
are a kayak canoe, a deft mover at one with your surroundings
are sunny when performing although clouds may gather
are the still small voice that keeps me under control
are the colour grey; celebrate your subtle shades
are an island, disputing Donne, content within yourself
are an erratic brought by chance to the north country
are a roe deer whose face masks velvet eyes
are a border collie guiding your flock round obstacles
are a fig, difficult to eat but worth the effort
are red wine, sensuous velvet, leading to desire
are a note of perfect pitch in a world of cacophony
make me what I am today


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