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Poetry Pleases: Approaching The Mean

David Bennett writes a personal poem about an average sort of man.

Well, here I am, an average sort of man.
I try my best at everything, thatís true.
In fact I do my best whenever I can,
And if I start a job, I see it through.
The good Lord gave us the power to choose
Our way in life from many different paths.
And, come to think of it right now,
Iím rather poor at French
But pretty good at maths.

My looks are somewhat below the mean.
My hairís so thin itís only faintly seen.
But to balance that, my eyes are still a lively blue,
And Iím not particularly fat.
The aches Iíve got are very few,
But I soon get out of puff -- and hot.
My joints all make a creaky sort of sound.
They let me know when theyíve had enough,
But there again -- they get me round.


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