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Poetry Pleases: Rain Forest Interlude - Tullawallal

"Low moss-covered rocks and lush green ferns border the path to Tullawallal...'' Ilse Erber writes a poem imbued with the style of W B Yeats about a very special place.

Many times I have trodden this path,
The path to Tullawallal.

Leaf litter, a fine soft carpet,
Covers the path to Tullawallal.

Low moss-covered rocks and lush green ferns
Border the path to Tullawallal.

Tree ferns grow straight and tall to hide the sky
Above Tullawallal.

Ancient Antarctic beech trees appear,
The trees of Tullawallal.

Mosses and lichens cling to gnarled roots and branches.
I climb mossy rocks
To sit and dream among the trees of Tullawallal.

Aborigines named this place of many trees.
They called it Tullawallal.


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