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Poetry Pleases: Summer Madness

Mike Eastwood's sunny rhymes express the feelings of a worshipper of the great god Sol.

(Based on My Love in Like a Red Red Rose)

My nose is like a red, red plum
Thatís gently cooked in oil.
The sun is like a god to me
Under which I gently boil.

So hot thou art, my shining sun,
So deep in love am I,
That I will sunbathe every day
Until my skin turns dry.

Till all my skin burns dry, my dear,
And my body is all brown,
And I shall love thee still, my sun,
When summer turns around.

Then I will look for you each day
As winter labours on,
And I will treasure every ray
Till storms and rain are gone.

Then, winter pale, Iíll seek once more
Your golden rays again,
Although I know youíre likely to
Be always causing pain.


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