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Poetry Pleases: Who Killed Tommy Atkins?

Mike Eastwood's poem is a sober reflection on the price paid by those "ordinary'' lads in the trenches.

Who killed Tommy Atkins?
I said the Hun with my little gun
I killed Tommy Atkins

Who watched Him Die?
We said the French from our little trench
We watched Him die

Who caught the blood?
We said the Finns in our little tins
We caught the blood

Who値l make the shroud?
We said the Dutch, It won稚 cost much
We値l make the shroud

Who値l dig the graves?
We said the Yanks we can use our tanks
We値l dig the graves

Who値l be the priest?
We said the Paddies we are good church laddies
We値l be the priest

Who値l be chief mourner?
We said the Poles, we値l bare our souls
We値l be chief mourner

Who値l carry the coffin?
We said the Ruskies; we値l use our best Huskies
We値l carry the coffin

Who値l sing the hymns?
The Italians will, they can always trill
They値l sing the hymns

Who値l toll the bells?
We from Belgium, both the bell and the drum
We値l toll the bells

All the men of the earth fell a sighing and a sobbing
When they heard the drum roll
For the poor British Tommy


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