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Poetry Pleases: The Magic Snoover

You see I discovered
One lucky fine day
That using a snoover
Was quite a new way.


Grown ups don't know about snoovers. Only children are aware of their magical computing powers and their ability to help with chores. But Robert Beecher's splendidly bouncy poem indicates that modern tehnology will never replace the honest grind of homework.

Computers are useful
Computers are fine
But I can do magic
When I program mine.

You see I discovered
One lucky fine day
That using a snoover
Was quite a new way.

Grown ups don't know snoovers
Just keyboards and mice
But snoovers love children
Now isn't that nice.

I typed out my program
And snoovered it in
My favourite floppy
Was having a spin.

Then all of a sudden
Across the whole screen
Appeared a weird pattern
The weirdest I've seen.

And there, in the middle
With flashes of red
Appeared a magician
And said :"I am Ted".

"I'm Ted the magician
I'm here to help you
So tell me who you are
And how do you do".

I gasped and I spluttered
Then came up for air
I couldn't believe this
But he was still there.

I told him who I was
Said :"Welcome, hello
I can't do my homework,
Will you have a go?"

He said: that was easy
It took just a flash
The next thing he told me
Was how to get cash.

You just take your snoover
And go to a bank
You ask for some money
Walk out and look blank.

This Ted could write programs
Take bugs out of mine
Play games, make up new ones
We got along fine.

Then one day I snoovered
And soon Ted appeared
But he looked just awful
With spots on his beard.

His eyes were quite swollen
His face was a mess,
His mouth was all twisted
Poor Ted - so much stress.

He mumbled and grumbled
I couldn't quite hear
He finally told me
Through many a tear.

"I'm sorry to tell you
That I must go home
I'll just have to leave you
To finish this poem".

He groaned and he spluttered
Then 'whoosh' went the screen
And ever since then Ted
Has never been seen.

My homework has suffered
My snoover won't work
I've run out of money
I feel like a jerk.

But soon I decided
I mustn't rely
On Ted the magician
Or some other guy.

The games on computer
I cut down a lot
I did all my homework
Was almost a swot.

And now I am glad that
I pulled up my sox
I hold up my head,'cos
It's not full of rocks.

And so this adventure
Has come to an end
Yes, Ted the magician
He was a great friend.


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