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Poetry Pleases: There Is Wisdom In Walnuts

After graduating from West of England College of Art, Tony Ellis spent over twenty-five years studying meditation and Vedic philosophy with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. His work has taken him to many parts of the world, including India, The Philippines, Switzerland, Holland and the United States. He has been a production manager and editor for educational presses in both Europe and the United States and has collaborated with leading entertainers organizing concerts for world peace.

He now resides in Fairfield, Iowa, and Vancouver, BC, with his wife, Marion, and writes and produces books and films about spiritual life. His first book of spiritual verse, There is Wisdom in Walnuts was published in 2004; a second volume, The Morning Tree follows soon.

Some of Tony's poems and prose will be featured in Open Writing in forthcoming weeks. Today's poem shares the same title as his book.

There is wisdom in walnuts
Brilliance in atoms

Rivers can show you to flow
Without motion

Grass can be gentle
And petals passionate

There are a million galaxies
Gathered on the head of a pin

And the space that’s outside
Is the same space within

From There is Wisdom in Walnuts; 27 Poems by Tony Ellis and a Couple by his Dad.


e-mail: http://tony@tonyellis.com


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