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Poetry Pleases: I Looked Up...

“Let us not miss but do and chance and live…..’’ Miriam McAtee’s poem recommends that we should not mourn the passing of the years.

I looked up and the year was gone………..

Did she glide by so slowly
I didn’t hear?
Or give so gentle a touch
I didn’t feel?

Did she beckon
did she knock?
Why didn’t she pause
why didn’t she call?

Was I so busy that she didn’t bother
or so unaware she didn’t care?

I heard the gentle call of the night
and the harsh sounds of the day.
I felt the kiss of a falling leaf,
the dying moment of a snow flake.
I looked when flowers bloomed
and saw birds soaring in the sky………..

And yet……

What did I miss
what did I not say?
What didn’t I hear
what did I not do?

Last year has gone and taken a part of me:
everything is beyond recall….
the minutes, the months,
the wonder, the waste……
even the hurt and the joy of it all.

And now…….

A new year has crept in
filling corners, moving in;
life as always slowly ebbing.
There is a scent of Autumn…..Winter, even.

And so…..

Let us not miss
but do and chance and live…..
keeping pace with the new year
never letting it again slip
silently, uselessly by……


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