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Here's Alison: Italian Quiche

Alison Ross wrote this poem for her 14-year-old granddaughter, who wished she had ordered fish and chips.

I donít like beans and spinach,
I donít like an onion or sprout.
Iím usually so careful,
When Iím dining out!

I donít like pumpkin with skin on,
And I donít like Maori Kai,
But when I went to Devonport
I chose a ĎVegie Pieí

Grandma thought it funny,
And Mother said ĎYou eat!
I spent four-fifty on it,
And this my girlís your treatí

I think I must be crazy,
To turn down Chips and Fish,
I thought Iíd eat Ď Italian,í
At least that was my wish!

I didn't know Italian Quiche
Was nothing but a lie
It was so full of vegies
I felt like I would cry.

But 'Vegie Pie' was what I got,
And Vegie Pie' I had to eat,
I promise you I'll double check,
Next time I get a treat!


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