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Poetry Pleases: It's Not Bad Being A Mouse

Life isn't easy for mice. But the mouse narrator in David Reid's poem has reasons to be cheerful.

I was born in a beautiful Mansion, very old and very sedate.
It was built in the 18th century, with a beautiful roof of slate.
My family tree is just as old, and lots of my friends live here.
But being the type of creatures we are, we always live in fear.
Now Timmy the Cat and Rover the Dog, just hate each other on sight.
Their owner tried to make them friends, but it always ends up in a fight.
I used to watch as they chased around, we all had so much fun.
They fight each other all the time, but Timmy always won.
My brothers and I could see the TV, from here without being seen.
From the entrance of our little home, we were able to see the screen.
We'd see Mickey Mouse and Mini, while the kids watched TV with mum.
He always fooled the pussy cats, and made them look so dumb.
When I was a youngster I was taught, to only go out at night.
I remember one daytime I ventured out, and gosh did I get a fright.
I looked out the entrance of my home, and there across the floor.
Was a piece of cheese on a piece of wood, right up against a door.
I ventured out to get that cheese, but when I was almost there.
A lady saw me, she kicked and screamed, and jumped up onto a chair.
The cheese went flying it made a noise, as a spring cracked on to the wood.
My heart beat fast as I ran back home, running as fast as I could.
That was the danger my parents meant, when I was being taught.
Now I've experienced cheese on wood, Iíll give it no more thought.
The other day I had some luck, I found scraps of food in the hall.
But Tim the cat had me cornered, and I could find nowhere to crawl.
The door was shut, the gap too small, and I knew I was really caught.
I was sure my time had definitely come, and my life would be cut short.
But there behind Timmy was Rover, he barked and wanted to fight.
I got away while the fight was on, and I hardly slept that night.
These are things that happen, I have to watch out day and night.
The life of a mouse isnít easy, we donít stand a chance in a fight.
But weíre lucky we have good lodgings, and live in this lovely old house.
Thereís lots to eat, and weíre quick on our feet, so itís not so bad being a mouse.


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