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Bonzer Words!: Our Front Garden - Spaces

Here are to delightful poems by Frank Dawson who lives in Washington State, USA.

For more entertaining words read Bonzer! magazine: www.bonzer.org.au


Our front garden is small and busy,
flowers, shrubs and trees all growing together.

Daisy, geranium and busy lizzie,
flourishing there in all kinds of weather.

Sweet native violets grow down below,
a safe haven for quick brown skinks,
the little brown creatures dart to and fro,
then scoot up the wall for forty winks.

Overhead, flower baskets swing and sway,
filled with zygos, ivies and roses.
Honey bee flies in for a short stay,
and a butterfly comes by and poses.

Bright willie wagtail pays us a call;
lorikeet, rosella and magpie lark
splash in the bird bath, having a ball,
then away they fly to a nearby park.

Small our busy front garden may be,
yet it lives and breathes with energy raw.
It's a constantly changing entity,
it soothes the soul and makes it soar.

* *


open blue sky spaces
spaces where dreams come true
breathing spaces
when we pause to see
the improbable become possible
open spaces
for the entrance of the spirit
as it leads us through the maze
of our days
spaces leading us
out of our short-comings
into a full mountain view
and a bounty of inner strength
when we fail to see
the holes and cracks
of the sidewalks where we walk today
lighted spaces
to lead us out of darkness
that we may see cherry blossoms
along our way
and finally when life is done
spaces where the soul
is absorbed in eternity


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