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Here's Alison: Gently Falling Rain

Alison Ross's poem offers reasons to be grateful to a son who feels badly done by.

If our worldly goods were shared today
And you should feel hard done
Remember all the things you have,
And be grateful son.
Your eyes still see the distant hills
And the beauty of the valley,
Your feet still march to distant drums,
How can you take a tally?
Your body, young and fit and strong,
Feels not one ageing pain,
Your face still lifts to feel the drops,
Of gently falling rain!
Your chosen mate does share with you
A love so ever true
I hope the joy in what you have
Will compensate for you.
The feeling that you have today
That you are sorely done
And you will know how rich you are,
Our poor misguided son!
We tried to share our worldly goods
So each would have a share
Regardless of the way ‘twas done
You’d think we were unfair!
One day I hope you’ll understand
(Though I am only guessing)
And value what we gave you son,
And also count your blessings!


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