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Poetry Pleases: The Princess And The Pauper

Miriam McAtee rhymes a tale about a princess who is seriously lacking in the common sense department.

The Princess and the Pauper ran off to sea
Though tired, all night they continued to flee.
The pauper took nought, the Princess took plenty
Leaving her cupboards empty.

The pauper looked at the moon and stars and winked:
I love only her, he thinks.
Under the moon, sang thus to her: “Sweet Princess,
I love all you are, and all you possess
No less, my beautiful Princess, no less.
I love everything about you, my Princess”.

The Princess said to the pauper: “ Dearest dear,
what a very sweet song you sing.
I will marry you in my golden ball gown
but what will you give me for a ring?”

The pauper said: “Trust me and do not fear
give me all your gold,
I’ll bring back a ring”.

Poor foolish Princess did as she was told.
then waited for him in vain
Forever in vain, in vain.


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