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Here's Alison: A Dreary Day

Alison Ross writes of one of those grey, gloomy days when the best thing to do is go back to bed, turn on the electric blanket, and dream of sunny somewheres.

I think the Sun forgot
To get up today,
Or else it fell into the river,
And got washed away!

I can稚 see a single sunbeam
Dancing in the light,
Just cold and murky fog,
That came down in the night!

I think that I値l go back to bed
This dreary day will pass
If I知 not forever looking,
Through the window glass!

I値l turn my electric blanket on
And file this day away
Dream I知 off to sunny somewhere
I don稚 need a better day.

Above the cold and murky fog,
My thoughts with me can fly
To some warm and sunny island
Where on silky sand, I値l lie

I値l drink straight from a coconut,
And paddle in the tide,
I might even ask a dolphin
To take me for a ride!

And tomorrow if the Sun
Decides to up and shine,
The memory of my dream,
Can stay, and linger on!


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