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Classical Composers A-Z: Archangelo Corelli

Peter Wintersgill presents a potted biography of the 17th Century composer Archangelo Corelli, who lived in the palace of a cardinal.

17th February, 1653, in Fusignano near Milan

Studied in Bologna at 13, at Academia Filarmonica from 17.

Adult Life
Settled in Rome. At 22 became court violinist to Queen Christina of Sweden. Later lived at the palace of Cardinal Ottoboni, to whom he dedicated 12 trio sonatas. Was an expert violinist, toured Europe giving concerts in Paris, Amsterdam and London.

His most important works were four groups of trio sonatas, several violin sonatas and concerti grossi. His introduction of the latter was his main claim to fame and influenced Bach and Handel. His best know work is the Christmas Concerto from this set.

He died in Rome 8th January, 1713, aged 59 and was buried in the Pantheon near Raphael. This was suitable as he had a valuable collection of paintings.


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