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Here's Alison: Midnight Killer

Alison Ross writes of a dog which terrorised a neighbourhood.

There’s a killer on my street,
Who softly stalks, on midnight feet,
Invading homes, where cats lie dreaming,
To tear apart, and leave them screaming,

Over fences, onto decks,
Leaves behind, the mangled wrecks,
Savage lunging, dreadful fangs,
Doesn’t kill, for hunger's pangs!

Trained by people, taught to kill,
The midnight killer’s, out there still.
How long before the shocking day,
When she devours other prey?

A vicious killer, barbaric, wild,
Could certainly have killed a child!
Although she may have been so true,
Had she belonged to me or you!

Why is it then, I feel so sad?
‘Twas the owners who were bad,
These lowlifes taught her how to kill,
So she could fight for bets and thrill.

Searching college grounds so green
The midnight killer now was seen
So sad to think, she was the prey
The midnight killer died today.

The midnight killer roams no more
Her life was ended, by the Law,
Where rivers run through the town,
They all rejoice she was put down,

And yet and yet it seems so sad,
To kill a dog when men are bad,
She could have been a loving friend
A different life, a different end


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