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Poetry Pleases: My October

"October sweeps in upon its high and mighty horse,
Bearing memories instead of a noble rider...''

J.E.M paints a word portrait of the tenth month.

October always means these things to me-
Clear sky, cool air, and the feeling…
That somber reminiscent feeling,
Only October could provoke.

Memories of worn jeans that fit just right,
Of wind swept hair that falls across your face,
And the sweet aroma of homemade pumpkin pie.

Images taint the mind,
Imprinting and engraving like the making of a dollar bill-
Inadvertently staining your nerves.

Colored leaves, bluer skies than the ocean depths,
Misty clouds filled with different shapes reflected on the shore.
Clothes soaked with dew and covered in the day’s work-
Marking where I’ve been.

I always remember October as the start of fall,
The predecessor to old man winter.
October is the start, the end, the middle-
A plastic container filled to the brim with memory.

October brings about my dreams,
My questions, my thoughts, and my regrets…
October is active-
Like a toned runner on a sand blown beach.

The closest thing to heaven is October swings…
Weightless, suspended in motion,
But waiting;
Stuck in a moment,
Bound by time.

A scented breeze envelopes me,
Walking out my door-
To cool for a t-shirt, just right for my favorite sweater.

October is the time for repent-
Last minute activity,
Holding on to that one last breath,
A catalyst of a new year that spurns…
In January.


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